ZEBRAINY ABC’z - Let’s Play Together

Zebrainy ABC's app lets your child learn the letters without any assistance. The team of child behaviour experts took part in game development. It’s absolutely safe and causes no harm to your child’s mental health. The game not only helps a child learn letters but also facilitates the flow of creative and intellectual potential. In addition, while playing together, you boost the learning process and give your child the chance to obtain new skills. Along with them, a child acquires useful knowledge for further physical development. We’ve gathered together seven words of advice that will make your journey even more effective and exciting.

Stay Close

The very first advice you should follow is to stay close. Just sit back and watch how your child play. It’s all about spending time with one another. Cherish these sweet moments together. Your child will forever keep them in memories, along with the knowledge gained at that moment. To make the game even more special, we filled it to the brim with “Easter Eggs”. These secret objects amuse children and adults alike. Are you ready to meet Thor's hammer, the Ninja Turtles or Captain Sparrow? Take your chance to find them all!

Explore closely & Discover

Every letter in Zebrainy ABC’s has its own world. It lives among a plenitude of characters and objects beginning with that specific letter. Just interacting with them drives the learning process. Many of the objects are easy to find while the rest went into hiding. Hunt them all! The Zebraine ABC’s world is chock full of knowns and unknowns. All of which makes a child feel cheerful and curious about learning. That’s what we call broadening the knowledge horizons. Despite the game giving a voice prompt illustrating every object, your own comments will help a child understand everything even better. Tell your child more about the unknowns. Recall all the knowns together. Find a familiar object at home. It’ll help get the most out of the game. Discuss the vital questions. About the moon, time, humanity, and the existence of life. Even if it’s a bit difficult for a child now, later it will still be easier for a kid to master that knowledge.

Take a break

Give a child rest after playing for 20 minutes. Spend this time on the move. Your children’s eyes and brain need to relax. Immediately after a game, ask your child about the journey. What worlds were seen along the way. What characters really stood out?. It all helps not only to learn letters, but also offers more ways to develop memory.


Clap your hands every time you reach a new level or collect a letter. Look for the objects mentioned in the game. Encountered a teapot? Take the time to go and see it together in your home. Watch how the characters move and try to mimic them. Let funny moments happen.

The hero is within you

Talk to your child as if you’re a game character. Change your voice, assign some interesting task... Just let your creativity flow! Good Insiders: Draw or craft a letter, take photos of the objects mentioned in the game, picture the animals who are already your friends. Show these amazing masterpieces to the main character. Please let your child hear more compliments. Spread more love.

Fabulate Your Own Story

Every letter has its very own enchanted world in Zebrainy ABC’s. This is a chance to create more wonderful stories together. Start with the simple question “Where did that thing come from?”Just let the magic happen. Try to unveil the secret story of every object appearing in the game. It’s your shared story. There is so much unknown to uncover! Who lives in the castle? Why is the iron on the iceberg? Why does the house fly? Whose footprint is in the sand? How would you get to the letter yourself?

A Little Tip

Impressions are for sharing

Tell your child more about your personal experience. What amused you? What made you laugh or upset? This method of communication helps develop such behavioral skills as emotionality and observation.

Stay Personal

It’s always better to show a good example. Don’t tell your child what to do. Say what you’d like to do being in a similar situation.

Respect your child

This respectful attitude brings up children to understand that others should treat them the same. This makes children work towards more ambitious goals in the future.

Surroundings Matter

Everything that happens during the preschool age establishes the foundation of taste for the rest of life. So make this surrounding full of beauty!

Talk about Consequences

The forbidden list just doesn’t work. Talk about what could have happened in the event of a wrong step. It teaches your child to make better-informed decisions, not ones driven by fear.

Stay Playful

Be mischievous. Stay playful. It shortens the distance between you and your child. Also, it brings you even closer together.