Every child can change the world for the better"
8 years
of development
project founder, author of the book "Just about the Brain"
Kesha Skirnevsky
Why is Zebrainy an important social project and how we work on it?
Zebrainy is based on scientific research
Childhood experience influences the decisions a person makes throughout their whole life. It has a huge impact on our sense of taste, achievements and overall happiness. Therefore, it is so important to create quality content for children, while relying on scientific research.

Source: Developmental potential in the first 5 years for children in developing countries
We strive to social development through releasing each child’s potential
One day little Zebrainy users will turn into the adults that have important decisions to make. Our greatest desire is to encourage kids to be kindhearted, curious, initiative, dependable and smart. Children are our future.
Innovations for kids
Zebrainy is a high-tech company that employs advanced tools and development approaches. In particular, we use AI to create content and develop a unique technology for revealing children’s abilities using artificial intelligence.
Children’s ecosystem: games, cartoons, goods
Apart from games, Zebrainy offers useful articles for parents, stories for children and is currently working on a cartoon. Our goal for the future is to start producing merchandise, create a certification center for various children's content and open our own daycare and kindergartens. Zebrainy is seeking to create a healthy environment for a child's development.
With respect to the children
Zebrainy is a unique project made with great love and respect for the little players. Our team is happy to work on such an important high-quality product.
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