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Zebrainy is an educational platform for kids ages 3-6
Zebrainy helps build early reading, counting and drawing. The app is beneficial for emotional intelligence, engineering thinking and the logic development. Little ones create their own world and have so much fun.
Zebrainy is an adventure, development and safety

Zebrainy focuses on taking care of the child
All content undergoes regular psychological and pedagogical assessment to make sure it is entertaining, safe and useful at any age.

Our app is backed by a system that provides automatic difficulty adjustment. Zebrainy knows when to offer the child learning tasks, and when to let them rest and have fun.
Zebrainy teaches to read and count
Kids learn best through play.

Zebrainy games provide new experiences, broaden a child's mind and help little players to get ready for school.

We understand that children need pressure-free motivation and will be happy to provide it.
Zebrainy is a safe space for kids
We have received many international children safety awards. Zebrainy has no advertising and is approved by daycare and kindergartens.

Parents can gently control kids screen-time with a time limit function. Zebrainy helps shift a child's attention on something else.
Zebrainy develops music and art taste
Our art team is working hard to make Zebrainy an app with the most beautiful graphics on the market. We find it important to develop a sense of beauty in children from a very young age.
I will help children achieve more in life!
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