New Extraordinary
ABC Learning Game

Zebrainy is a game development studio focused on creating fun educational games for kids on smartphones and tablets. Founded in 2015, Zebrainy team decided to make accent on scientific approach and premium AAA content for game production thus disrupting the market of oversimplified mostly low-quality games for kids below 5.

Zebrainy ABCz is the first game in the series now available on App Store and Google play. With the first soft launch in November 2016, within just a few days the game has been nominated for the Best of 2016 by App Store team.

Zebrainy's Awesomeness



Featured in a single game. 26 magnificent Letter Worlds to explore


Objects & Characters

That a child will get to know when playing the game


Exciting minutes

Of gameplay to visit all A-Z worlds at least once

Fearless Game Heroes

Zebra's brother disappears in one of the ABC worlds. Your child helps Zebra to find her brother by exploring magnificent letter worlds and learning alphabet at the same time. Butterflies will show you the way through the worlds and robot can teleport you back home at any time.